Robert’s Top Priorities

Creating Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are the backbone of northeast Arkansas’ economy. Companies want to do business and thrive in areas with a quality work force. Robert Thompson is a leader in working with local communities and individuals on economic development opportunities. Robert believes state government can promote job creation by attracting new industries and helping to grow Arkansas businesses. He is also a strong proponent of regional partnerships, and has a long history of working with local communities to foster jobs and growth.


Quality education is the foundation of a strong economy. As a state legislator, Robert Thompson has been strong advocate education in northeast Arkansas. Robert continues to fight for pre-kindergarten education for every Arkansas child and has supported educational improvements at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. Robert also believes access to higher education is essential to job growth, and he has been a leader in providing scholarships for students attending community colleges and universities in Arkansas.

Running Government Efficiently

As a legislative leader, Robert Thompson is proud that Arkansas is one of a handful of states to maintain a balanced budget, while cutting taxes and providing essential state services, during the recent national economic recession. Since 2005, Robert has consistently supported Arkansas’ balanced budget law and voted for the largest tax cut in Arkansas history. Robert Thompson believes that state government has, and should continue to, provide quality services to its citizens while always keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line.

Public Safety in Our Homes and Schools

After Robert was elected to the legislature in 2005, he made fighting drug abuse and domestic violence a top priority. In 2007, Robert sponsored the creation of a Drug Court in Greene County, a useful tool in combating drug abuse and allowing people facing addiction to turn their lives around. Robert was also a sponsor of Garrett’s Law, a 2005 law that provides help for children born to mothers addicted to drugs. In 2011, Robert sponsored a law that allows hospitals to contact law enforcement authorities to protect pregnant women facing domestic violence. Protecting the most vulnerable members of our community from drugs and violence will always be a goal for Robert Thompson. Robert has supported new legislation to keep our schools safe and provide more resource officers to protect students.